How it Works ??

Spending Accounts

Field team members are issued a spending account to replenish uniform items after their 90 day probationary period concludes. You must be logged into your account to access your spending account. Additional funds will be made available to eligible team members on a quarterly basis. At the end of each quarter, the remaining amount in the team members’ account will be deleted and replenished with the new quarterly subsidy amount. If you need additional funds beyond what is allocated, contact The request will be reviewed with the Director of HR and Safety. Items not marked as “Uniform item” are not eligible for spending account purchases (personal credit card only).  


Order Fulfillment

Orders will be produced weekly.  Orders in this week usually ship out next week. Note: Some Carhartt items may take longer to get in and inventory can be a challenge. We will do our best to keep you posted if there are any delays with your orders.